Grupo Jurerê has been in the coffee industry for more than 75 years, distributing coffees with a unique flavor throughout the country and even in the international market. In order to provide the consumer with the best experience in terms of taste, our Group counts on a team of different segments that strategically think in all of the details, from coffee growing and selection of beans to packaging and distribution to the final customer.

Our company is focused on the quality of its products and processes, integrated in the Quality and Sustainability programs of ABIC, SISORG and UTZ. It works with constant investments in innovation and technology, and is a pioneer in the use of the DRIP COFFEE BAG packaging in Latin America. It also counts on a complete production traceability process and a technical team specialized in quality analysis. All of this shows the strength of Grupo Jurerê and its desire to always be evolving, in order to provide a full experience to the customer.

Our line of products has excellence in quality and added value, great potential for sale and has been conquering the most demanding coffee consumers.

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