Café Jurerê launches new packages during the International Coffee Week

Café Jurerê launches new packages during the International Coffee Week

For 3 consecutive years, Grupo Café Jurerê attended the International Coffee Week, launching new packages for the Organic, Superior and Gourmet Coffee lines during the fair, which was held on November 20-22 at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte. Moreover, in our booth visitors could taste our products in the Espresso Gourmet, Orgânico Gourmet and Thermocoffee versions.

Thinking that coffee changes when it meets water and that a watercolor is created in this process, our brand looked for inspiration in art to create packages that are as special as our coffees. The brand called its special coffees a “Watercolor of Flavors”, reinforcing with the art of watercolor painting the inspiration that came through the coffee production process, from growing to the selection of beans.

“Our Special Coffees are a watercolor of flavors, inspired by the roots of our history through the tones and aromas of our origin, awakening your senses and palate. The colors go from light to intense, like the colors changing when coffee touches water. Our watercolor was born from the passion for coffee!,” says Carolini Silva, the group’s head of marketing.

Another new feature in our packages is the QRCODE “Learn how to recycle your packages,” which directs customers to a content explaining the correct processes for package recycling and disposal. In addition to the new packages, Grupo Jurerê presents once again its outsourced packaging system for industries, coffee shops and distributors. If your company wishes to build its brand with the Group, you can find options of outsourced packaging for espresso coffee in beans, 1kg, 250g and 500g stand pouch, in addition to roasted ground coffees in the following formats: Vacuum 500g, 250g and Drip Coffee Bag.  

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