After enjoying your coffee, give the packages the correct destination for recycling, thus contributing to the environment.

Disposal tips:

Separate the packages in different bins, one for “dry waste” and another for “wet waste.” All of the organic waste goes to the “wet waste” bin. Examples: Coffee filters and drip coffee sachets, that are wet.

The inorganic waste, which is not easily decomposed, goes to the “dry waste” bin, such as paper boxes and metalized packages. This “dry waste” bin will have a number of materials that can be recycled.

When you separate the waste properly, you are facilitating the recycling of packages. Noting that, for example, the coffee paper box, after separated and destined for recycling, will have a new use, since cardboard packages have fibers that, through recycling, can become a new paper.

The vacuum metalized coffee packages and the Flow Pack of the Drip Coffee Bag  (internal packages), made with some kind of plastic film with metalized aspect, BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene), can be transformed into raw material for the manufacturing of plastic bags, garbage bags, tiles and the like, as long as they are given the proper destination. 

As to the filter you use to make your Drip Coffee Bag Jurerê, even though it is not possible to reuse or recycle it, you can use it as a seedling tray to germinate seeds in it, in an ecological and sustainable manner. 

Be part of this environmental preservation and change the place where you live.

Environmental awareness begins with your actions!